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Missoula Bear Alerts


Activity updates of bears and lions in the Missoula, Bitterroot, Blackfoot and the upper and lower Clark Fork valleys.

Report attractants


Do you have a bear or lion in your area? Are you concerned about unsecured attractants such as garbage or bird feeders?


Manage Attractants

The availability of bear attractants increases conflicts between people and bears. A fed bear is a dead bear!

leaf Together with our partners, Missoula Bears takes a proactive approach to reducing human-bear conflicts. Our goal is to increase local awareness by disseminating information and assisting neighbors. Our plan is intended to reduce conflicts with wildlife, while also:

  • Increasing human safety
  • Keeping our neighborhoods clean
  • Reducing the amount of time Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks spends addressing bear conflicts in Missoula each year, allowing them to use their time more effectively in other areas of concern.

Missoula Bears