April 2019


April 16, 2019


Blackfoot – There have been multiple reports of grizzly bear activity in the Blackfoot Valley. This includes a grizzly bear on the outskirts of Ovando. There was also a report of a grizzly bear tipping over several empty garbage cans near Clearwater Junction. FWP is monitoring. Contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner and bring in bird feeders. Store garbage in a bear-resistant garbage container or sturdy shed or garage until the day of pick up or until you can remove the garbage.

North of Helena – There was a grizzly bear observed near Canyon Creek north of Helena.

April 13, 2019


Rattlesnake – FWP received the first report of a bear in Greenough Park. Please contain all attractants and bring in bird feeders.

April 11, 2019


Rattlesnake Recreation Area – The first black bear tracks were confirmed in the recreation area. Please secure all attractants and bring in bird feeders.


Big Sky Lake – Grizzly bear tracks were confirmed in the Big Sky Lake area south of Seeley Lake.

WOLF activity Rattlesnake Recreation Area

People recreating have observed wolf activity above the trailhead in the lower Rattlesnake Recreation Area. A radio collared wolf was located in the vicinity on March 30th and tracks of several wolves have been observed. The wolves are likely keying into deer and elk that are utilizing the early spring green up in lower elevations. As the snow continues to melt, the higher elevations will begin to green and the deer, elk and wolves should move further up into the drainage. Note: Mid to late April is denning time for wolves and from April to June a pack’s activity will be centralized around its den. FWP is monitoring the activity and if the wolves decide to den in the area wolf activity will continue.

When recreating in areas with wolf activity it is recommended that bear spray is carried and be aware that wolves can be territorial and domestic dogs are sometimes viewed as a threat. Keeping your dog close or leashed will help keep your pet safe in wolf country.  Wolves pose little threat to human safety, but if you are approached by a wolf, talk loud to let it know you are a human, walk away slowly and report any incidents to FWP. Loud noises will often scare wolves and bear spray can be effective at deterring wolves in close proximity.

Any wolf activity in FWP’s Region 2 can be reported to Tyler Parks (tylerparks@mt.gov). For more information visit FWP’s Wolves & People website page.

April 10, 2019

Black bear hunting season starts April 15th. Grizzly bears are active right now. Black bear hunters and antler hunters should know the differences between grizzly bears and black bears. It’s important to know how to use and carry bear spray.


Seeley Lake – A grizzly bear has been seen west of Seeley Lake. Grizzly tracks have been observed around the Clearwater area.

Blackfoot – Grizzly tracks have been seen across the Blackfoot. In Helmville ranchers have seen 3 grizzly bears. A collared grizzly bear is confirmed to be in the Lincoln Canyon area.

Gold Creek – Grizzly bear tracks were confirmed.

Ninemile Divide – Grizzly bear tracks were confirmed.


Butler Creek – Black bear tracks were seen in Butler Creek over the weekend. Please secure attractants in a bear-resistant manner and bring in bird feeders.

Seeley Lake – A black bear was seen in the Double Arrow. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. Bring in bird feeders. Electric fencing can be an effective tool to secure attractants.