April 2020

UPDATES: April 23, 2020

Region-wide: By the first week in May almost all bears will have emerged from dens. Please secure attractants on your property in a bear-resistant manner. Bring in bird feeders.


Rattlesnake: There are approximately 3-4 black bears active in the Rattlesnake neighborhoods at this time. Unfortunately, one bear appears to be food-conditioned. In the lower Rattlesnake, a bear broke into a garage through a door and accessed a freezer. There was a second report of a bear entering a garage nearby. FWP is monitoring this situation and may have to set a trap for this bear. Please keep garages closed even when you are home. Do not put garbage out before pick up and bring in bird feeders.

East Missoula/Milltown: Multiple black bears have been seen but no conflicts have been reported.

Grant Creek: There is at least one black bear getting into garbage and bird feeders. Please bring in bird feeders and do not put garbage out until the morning of pick up.

Seeley Lake: There have been multiple reports of black bears in the area. Please contain attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Lolo: Bears have gotten into garbage in the area near Lolo Hot Springs. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. FWP is working with the local community to secure garbage in the area.

Bitterroot and Lower Clark Fork: There have been multiple reports of black bears. Contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.


Blackfoot and Clearwater Valleys: There were 3-4 incidents of bears coming close to residences, likely investigating livestock carcasses. Livestock carcasses were removed and the bear(s) moved on. There have been grizzly bear tracks seen throughout the Blackfoot and Clearwater valleys.

Ninemile: A grizzly bear was verified in the Ninemile area last week.

Big Hole Valley: A grizzly bear was verified in the Big Hole valley.