August 2016

August 26, 2016


Miller Creek: A black bear has been getting into unsecured garbage. All garbage should be stored in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pick up. 

Rattlesnake: Reports of bear activity in the Rattlesnake neighborhoods has increased in the past week. Domestic fruit is ripening which frequently draws the bears into the neighborhoods. Please pick all fruit as soon as you can. Do not let fruit lay in piles beneath the trees. Garbage should be stored in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pick up. There have been multiple reports of bears in garbage in the last week. This is bad for the bears and bad for the residents living in the Rattlesnake. Please contain all attractants. This includes bringing in bird feeders.


Blackfoot valley: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks attempted to aversive condition a grizzly bear out of a hay barley field. The bear did not move on due to this significant concentrated food resource. Residents should be aware that bears are attracted to heavily irrigated crop fields. If at all possible residents should avoid planting in areas directly adjacent to homes.


Miller Creek: A sub-adult mountain lion was seen passing through a backyard. 

August 23, 2016

Region-wide: The serviceberries and chokecherries have begun to drop off. The domestic fruit is ripening across the region. FWP is fielding and increasing number of reports of bears getting into domestic fruit. Please pick fruit as it ripens. There are a number of resources that can assist you with fruit picking if needed.  In addition we have created a group Facebook page called the Missoula Valley Fruit Exchange to connect those with too much fruit with those that want fruit.


Grant Creek: There have been reports of a black bear in yards. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. A black bear did get into some unsecured garbage at a firefighter site. This was quickly remedied.

Lincoln: FWP wardens hazed a black bear out of town. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Miller Creek: There continue to be reports of a black bear getting into garbage. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. Do not put out garbage until the morning of pickup.


Helmville and Ovando: FWP continues to field reports of grizzly bears in agricultural fields. Please remember to close all grain doors and, when possible, remove spilled grain. FWP recommends that people walking fence lines and doing general farm work carry bear spray.

FWP Region 2 Grizzly Bear Trapping Update: FWP has captured and handled 8 grizzly bears this year. Only one of these bears was for management purposes and that bear was relocated. The other seven bears were trapped for research purposes.


Johnsrud area in the Blackfoot:  A female mountain lion with two young was seen walking near the road. When recreating in the area please be aware of wildlife activity. Keep in mind dogs can antagonize wildlife.

Miller Creek: A mountain lion was seen near homes. No conflicts were reported

Grant Creek: A mountain lion passed through a yard. No conflicts were reported. This mountain lion was likely hunting deer.

August 16, 2016


Boulder Area north of Butte: FWP continues to field reports of grizzly bear activity in the Boulder country north of Butte. FWP did capture and relocate a male grizzly bear after the bear got into multiple uncontained attractants. This bear was relocated to the southern end of the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem. Please store all attractants like garbage, pet food and compost in a bear resistant manner. Bear resistant electric fencing is an effective method for securing multiple attractants from bears.

Upper Rattlesnake Wilderness: FWP received an unconfirmed report from a hiker, of a grizzly bear in the Carter Lake area. Grizzly bears are expanding south out of the the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem. Report grizzly bear sightings to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks.


Rattlesnake: A cinnamon colored black bear was seen on the Woods Gulch trail. Please be bear aware. Always carry bear spray and know how to use it, watch for bear sign like scat and tracks, do not wear headphones, pay attention to your surroundings and make noise. Taking steps like this can help you avoid surprise encounters with a bear.

August 11, 2016

Region-wide: Domestic fruit is starting to ripen. Please pick up your fruit as soon as possible. Bears will come into the valley to feed on domestic fruit. In places like the Blackfoot valley, bears are also keying into agricultural crops like peas and alfalfa. Multiple females with cubs have been seen in crop fields. In areas with a lot of bear activity it is a good idea to avoid planting these types of crops against home sites or where there is significant human traffic.


Boulder River Area: FWP aversive conditioned a young grizzly bear in the Boulder River Basin (near Butte) that was seen on a porch and had eaten cat food. This bear has moved on. Grizzly bears are moving into historic ranges so residents should “think grizzly” anywhere in western Montana.

Seeley Lake: There was a report of a female grizzly bear with cubs in the Double Arrow area feeding on berries. There was also a report of a grizzly bear feeding on a road-killed carcass in Seeley Lake. The carcass was removed and the bear moved on.


Missoula area: There have been numerous reports of black bears feeding on chokecherries. The berry crop this year has been excellent.

Rattlesnake: A female black bear female with two cubs has been seen feeding on berries in the recreation area.