January 2023

UPDATE: January 26, 2023


Region-wide: There are still multiple black bears active in the region and there could be a variety of reasons why. There are at least ten orphaned black bear cubs being reported. This is likely due to the food failure last year. FWP is monitoring their activity. There have also been a couple of road-killed orphaned cubs. There are several adult black bears that are also active. This includes: an adult male in Miller Creek eating road-killed deer; a black bear in the Rattlesnake that is finding unsecured garbage and bird feeders; a black bear in the Frenchtown area; a black bear in the St. Regis area; and a black bear in the lower Blackfoot area near Bonner. If you know there is a black bear active in your area, please do not put out bird feeders and secure garbage in a bear-resistant manner.


There have been multiple reports of mountain lion activity. This is not unusual this time of year.


January 11, 2023

There have been a few reports of bears still active. This could be for a variety of reasons. Some bears that were orphaned this year may not be denning. Some bears may not have put on the fat reserves they need for hibernation and are still looking for additional calories and some bears are staying up because food is available. If you know there is a bear active in your area, please continue to contain attractants and do not hang birdfeeders. If bears keep finding anthropogenic food resources like garbage and birdseed it may delay them from going into the den. In addition, mountain activity is being reported region-wide. This is not unusual for this time of year.
Rattlesnake – There is a bear still active in the Rattlesnake. This bear is finding uncontained garbage and other attractants.
Miller Creek – FWP has received multiple reports of a black bear feeding on dead deer. FWP is monitoring this bears activity.
Grant Creek – A young bear killed chickens in early January. It is possible this bear is still active in the area however, no further conflicts have been reported.
Upper Rattlesnake – A family group of mountain lions have been hunting deer in the area. FWP did haze this family group due to its proximity to residences.
Bull Moose
Hamilton – FWP is monitoring the activity of a bull moose in Hamilton who recently dropped his antlers.

Missoula Bears