July 2015

July 31, 2015


Superior: A black bear was shot in self-defense after charging a hiker. Please carry bear spray when recreating in bear country.

South Hills: A black bear was on a porch. This bear was likely in nearby serviceberry, a natural food resource, but found unsecured garbage. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) is monitoring.

Six Mile: A black bear tried to get into a chicken coop and a black bear was seen chasing llamas. This could potentially be the same bear or separate bears. FWP and Wildlife Services are monitoring this situation.

Georgetown Lake: A black bear has been getting into garbage on the south side of the lake. Please secure garbage in a bear-resistant manner.


Butler Creek: Two young mountain lions jumped onto a windowsill while people were in the home. This family group has been seen repeatedly near homes in the area. FWP is monitoring this situation and may attempt to capture these lions.

Potomac: A mountain lion killed a deer in a backyard. The homeowners relocated the carcass.

July 14, 2015

Apple, plum and apricot season has started. Domestic fruit is a huge draw for bears and we typically see a spike in bear reports when these fruits start to ripen. Please pick fruit as it ripens and do not let it drop and collect/rot on the ground. Electric fencing when properly installed and maintained, is a highly effective way to keep bears out of your fruit trees. For questions regarding electric fencing contact us.


Lincoln area: FWP relocated a black bear north of Lincoln, MT after it got into a shed containing pet food and had been on a porch.

Phillipsburg: There has been bear activity in and around the community. Please secure attractants.

Big Larch Campground – Seeley Lake: A black bear walked through the campground. This bear is most likely eating serviceberry along the lake.


Lincoln area: FWP relocated a 475lb adult male grizzly bear that had killed sheep east of Lincoln, MT. This bear had no previous history of killing livestock.


Grant/Butler Creek: A family group of lions was seen in lower Butler. FWP is monitoring this family group.

July 1, 2015

Regionwide: As you head out this weekend keep in mind that many National Forest campgrounds have food storage orders that make it illegal to leave food and attractants out and available to bears. The Forest Service is actively patrolling campgrounds and enforcing compliance. Please check the Forest Service’s website that pertains to the area where you are going for more information about food storage orders and other visitor guidelines. By taking steps to contain attractants we can improve safety for both people and bears.

July 1, 2015

There have been reports of black bears throughout the Missoula, Lower Clark Fork and Bitterroot valleys. Conflicts have quieted down as the chokecherry ripens, although bear sightings remain frequent.

Potomac: A black bear was seen near residents. No conflicts were reported.

Seeley Lake – Big Larch campground: There has been a black bear frequenting the area and did receive a food reward at one campsite. The Forest Service is patrolling this campground and issuing tickets for food left out and noncompliance with the Food Storage Order. Please do not leave coolers and food out on picnic tables or at your campsite.

Rattlesnake: There have been no reports for the last week of the small black bear that had entered multiple homes. FWP removed the trap that was set for this bear but would like residents to call FWP at 542-5500 immediately if a bear attempts to enter a kitchen through a window or screen door.

July 1, 2015

Lincoln: FWP euthanized the grizzly bear involved in sheep depredations. This bear had a prior history of livestock depredations.

July 1, 2015

Grant Creek: Residents have been seeing mountain lions in the lower portions of Grant Creek. No conflicts have been reported.

Butler Creek: Residents have been seeing mountain lions in the area. No conflicts have been reported.

East Missoula: Residents saw a mountain lion in the Hellgate Canyon area.

Rattlesnake: A recreationist saw a mountain lion while walking her dog in the Spring Gulch area.