July 2018

July 20, 2018


Region-wide: There is a lot of bear activity throughout the region, especially due to the ripe serviceberries and huckleberries. FWP continues to field calls about bears accessing garbage throughout the region. Please bring in all bird feeders and store garbage in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pick up.

Rattlesnake: There are reports of a large, lone black bear in the Lower Rattlesnake eating apricots, early apples, and berries along the base of Mount Jumbo. There are a lot of ripening serviceberries and huckleberries throughout the Rattlesnake Recreation Area and with them come a lot more bear sightings. Carry bear spray when recreating in the Rattlesnake and know how to use it. A bear entered an open garage in the Upper Rattlesnake and accessed food in a freezer. The garage has been closed and the bear has not come back. There have been minimal reports of bears accessing garbage in the Rattlesnake – keep up the great work!

Lolo: There continue to be numerous issues with bears accessing garbage that is being left out throughout the entire Lolo Creek corridor. FWP is hoping that residents step forward to initiate a bear aware neighborhood program in the area.


Clearwater Junction: A grizzly bear broke into a barn to access grain. FWP has set traps for that bear and is monitoring.

Northeast of Ovando: A grizzly bear got into chicken feed stored in the back of a truck, garbage that was stored outside, and grain by a chicken coop. A trap has been set for the bear and FWP is working with the landowner to get the chicken coop contained and gave the resident a bear-resistant garbage can.

Drummond: A calf was killed by what appears to be a grizzly bear. A trap was set and FWP is monitoring.

Helmville: A grizzly bear accessed uncontained dog food at a sheep camp east of Helmville.


Region-wide: FWP continues to field reports of lion activity everywhere, especially near irrigated areas where deer and elk are feeding.

Frenchtown/Mill Creek: It appears that a mountain lion killed a dog in the upper Mill Creek area. FWP is investigating the situation.

Lincoln: A lion killed goats in the Lincoln area and the landowner was reimbursed through the livestock compensation program.


Missoula: Be aware that there are moose around the Missoula area. There is a cow and a newborn calf in the Rattlesnake and cows with newborns can be dangerous.

July 17, 2018


Rattlesnake: FWP had a trap set for a bear that ripped open a window and went into a home for pet food. This bear is also suspected of entering a garage in Grant Creek while the residents were home and entering a garage in Butler Creek. The bear was not caught and FWP has pulled the trap. FWP will continue to monitor for this bear’s activity. There have been multiple reports of people seeing bears in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area. Please know how to use and carry bear spray while recreating in bear country.

Lolo: Bears continue to actively get into garbage in the Mill Creek area.

Rock Creek: FWP is actively trapping for a black bear that has been walking onto porches and getting into garbage in the Rock Creek area.

Petty Creek: A black bear went through an open door of a house while the residents were away. FWP set a trap but a bear was not caught. They have since pulled the trap.

Butler Creek: There have been reports of black bears getting into attractants like garbage and bird feeders. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.


North Seeley Lake: A grizzly bear has been seen getting into garbage. FWP is monitoring.

Blackfoot Valley: There has been numerous reports of people seeing grizzly bears. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Ovando: At least three individual grizzly bears and one family group have been seen by residents in the area. These bears have been getting into unsecured attractants and have been feeding on agricultural crops. Please contain attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Helmville: A grizzly bear got into grain through a barn door. FWP is monitoring.


North Seeley: FWP is monitoring reports of lion activity in the area. No conflicts have been reported.

Ovando: A mountain lion was seen near homes. The lion has since moved on.

July 5, 2018

Region-wide: Huckleberries are ripe and serviceberries are just starting to ripen. Berries are an important natural food resource for bears. If you go out picking huckleberries or just plan on recreating in bear country please know how to use and carry bear spray. Those living near berry patches and river/creek corridors may see increased use by bears. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.


Rattlesnake: A lone black bear has been seen moving through the neighborhood. Please contain attractants in a bear-resistant manner. Black bear sightings typically pick up in the Rattlesnake Recreational Area this time of year as berries ripen and bears key in on this important food resource. Activity will increase further when hawthorn ripens later this summer. Please carry bear spray and know how to use it and be aware that dogs can aggravate bears and other wildlife such as moose.

Grant Creek: A male black bear has been seen close to homes in the middle Grant Creek area. This bear entered an open garage while the residents were standing outside and got into multiple garbage cans in the neighborhood on the morning of pick up. FWP is monitoring this bear’s activity.

Larch Camp (Pattee Canyon): A hiker saw a bear cub while hiking in Larch Camp. Please be aware of bear activity, even while hiking close to town. Carry bear spray and know how to use it. Be aware that dogs can aggravate bears and other wildlife such as moose.


Anaconda: A family group of mountain lions was seen near town. FWP is monitoring.

July 3, 2018

Region-wide: Huckleberrries and serviceberries are beginning to ripen. It is common at this time of year for reports of bear sightings to increase as bears begin to feed on natural berries. When recreating in bear country always carry bear spray and know how to use it. This is encouraged even in commonly used hiking areas close to town.


Ovando: Two grizzly bears continue to access garbage and grain northeast of Ovando. Traps have been set and FWP is monitoring.

Seeley: Activity has slowed, but bears are still accessing some garbage.

Lincoln: FWP is receiving occasional reports of bears getting into garbage.


Petty Creek: There has been an increase in activity in the Petty Creek area. There is lot of uncontained garbage in the area and bears are accessing it. There was a trap set, but then no activity so that trap was pulled. Please contain all garbage in a bear-resistant manner and take down all bird feeders.

Bitterroot: There is still a lot of issues with bears getting into garbage and bird feeders throughout the Bitterroot Valley. Organized community groups that will work with Bitterroot Disposal could really help the situation. Contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pick up and remove all bird feeders.

Lower Clark Fork area (between Alberton and St. Regis): Bears are frequenting in the area. Please contain all garbage in a bear-resistant manner and bring in bird feeders.

Rattlesnake: There is a male black bear wandering the Rattlesnake, but has not found any garbage yet. Thank you Rattlesnake for keeping things tidy. Keep up the great work!


Lower Rattlesnake: There was a lion sighted in the middle of the night. It was likely passing through the neighborhood to get to Mount Jumbo and there have been no reports since.

Potomac area: Two mountain lions were removed for killing goats in the Potomac area.

Missoula Bears