May 2019


May 14, 2019


Region-wide: Bear activity has picked up across the region. It is important to contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner and bring in bird feeders. FWP relocated four orphaned black bear cubs that were captured last year and wintered at the wildlife rehabilitation facility in Helena.

Seeley Lake: FWP has fielded multiple reports of black bears getting into garbage, freezers and bird feeders. There was one report of a black bear breaking into a car. One black bear was euthanized due to health issues and a lengthy history of conflict. FWP is patrolling and issuing tickets under the wildlife feeding ordinance.

Rattlesnake: A black bear has been getting into unsecured garbage and there have been multiple garbage cans left out all week or for multiple days. A black bear has also attempted to get into multiple bear-resistant containers and a black bear killed chickens at two different locations. Electric fence can be an effective solution for protecting your chickens and ensuring bears cannot get an easy meal. Contain your garbage in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pickup.

Grant Creek: There have been several reports of black bear activity and reports of orphaned black bear cubs in the area. FWP is monitoring.


Woodworth area: Two subadult grizzly bears accessed multiple attractants over a few days which included breaking into barns for grain, killing chickens and getting into garbage and pet food. FWP captured one of the bears and euthanized that bear due to the level of food conditioning the bear exhibited. A black bear also started to get into similar attractants in the area. FWP is working with the community to resolve attractant issues.

Ovando/Helmville: FWP has fielded multiple reports of residents seeing grizzly bears.

May 1, 2019


Seeley Lake: A black bear has been getting into garbage in the Seeley Lake area. Please contain all garbage in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pick up.

Rattlesnake: A female black bear with a cub was seen in the mid-lower Rattlesnake. Please be bear aware when recreating in the Rattlesnake trail system throughout the neighborhoods. This includes Tom Green and Greenough Park. There are multiple bears active in the area. A black bear also killed chickens in the lower Rattlesnake. If you have chickens, a bear-resistant electric fence can protect your chickens and chicken coop while also preventing bears from getting into trouble.