May 2020

Montana map with region 2

UPDATES: May 29, 2020


Grant Creek: There are twelve to 15 black bears active in Grant Creek. Four of those bears are showing food-conditioned behavior. Bird feeders and garbage are the primary attractants and unfortunately, still widely available in the residential areas. A female with cubs was seen by residents and was staying out of trouble, but recently found uncontained garbage and FWP is monitoring her activity. FWP is planning to set a trap in Grant Creek this weekend for the four bears showing extreme behavior. FWP is working with condominium owners in lower Grant Creek to get bear-resistant dumpsters.

Rattlesnake: There are a few black bears active in the Rattlesnake. At least one bear has been on porches looking for bird feeders and found uncontained garbage. Those visiting the recreation area have also been reporting bear activity close to the trails. Please carry bear spray when recreating in bear country and know how to use it.

Blue Mountain: A black bear was seen near where the winter gate closes the road. Whenever recreating in bear country carry bear spray and know how to use it.

East Missoula: There have been a couple of reports of black bears finding attractants. Please secure attractants and bring in bird feeders.

Bitterroot: There have been numerous reports from all over the Bitterroot of bears getting into garbage and pulling down bird feeders. Bears are active in the foothills and river bottoms. Residents should contain all attractants and call their garbage disposal company about offering automated bear-resistant garbage storage options for their customers. Garbage should be stored in solid buildings before the day of pickup. There have also been reports of black bears showing up at residences that are feeding elk, deer and turkeys. Feeding deer and elk is illegal in Montana.

Georgetown Lake/Anaconda: There have been an increasing number of reports of black bears getting into garbage and bird feeders. Contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Seeley Lake: Black bear activity continues in the Seeley Lake area. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Huson: A black bear has been seen near homes in the Huson area. Please bring in bird feeders


Ovando: A grizzly bear damaged a motorcycle. FWP is monitoring and issued the homeowner some aversive conditioning tools.

Blackfoot and Clearwater: FWP continues to receive reports of grizzly bear activity in the area.

May 22, 2020


Big Flat: A black bear got into uncontained chicken feed and garbage.

Bitterroot: There are multiple black bears active and getting into garbage throughout the Bitterroot foothills. FWP is asking residents to secure garbage in a bear-resistant manner and ask their local waste hauler about bear-resistant options.

A camper shot a black bear at a private campground in upper Lolo Creek. FWP responded and is continuing to work with the owner of the campground on containing all attractants and educating their campers. Do not leave coolers out where bears can access them.

Bonner: FWP has received reports of black bears in the area and a beekeeper had some hives damaged. Bee yards can be effectively secured with electric fence.

Clinton: Multiple black bears have been getting into garbage left out all week. Bring in bird feeders.

East Missoula: FWP monitored a black bear in a tree in East Missoula on Thursday afternoon and evening. The bear came down at dark and moved on.

Grant Creek: Upper Grant Creek is a hot spot of bear activity right now and unfortunately, bears are finding a lot of unsecured attractants. Bird feeders and garbage are the primary attractants in Grant Creek. FWP is finding a lot of bear scat filled with birdseed. Bring in bird feeders. Bird feeders can lead to food-conditioned bears. FWP is working with the community and, if needed, will trap two young male bears that have attempted to get into sheds and garages. FWP is also investigating a suspected feeding case in Upper Grant Creek. In lower Grant Creek there are also multiple bears active. A bear got into an open garage. Please close garage doors.

Lower Clark Fork: Multiple black bears have accessed garbage in and around Superior.

O’Brien Creek: A black bear has been active and got into chicken feed.

Rattlesnake: Several black bears are active and a bear was seen on porches. In the recreation area people have seen bears feeding on natural foods. Animal Control is actively patrolling for those violating the Missoula Garbage Ordinance.

Seeley Lake: Multiple black bears are getting into uncontained garbage and a bear has started testing shed doors. FWP is monitoring and working with the community.


Blackfoot/Clearwater: There have been multiple reports from hunters and ranchers of grizzly bear activity.

Helmville: A grizzly bear got into crystal licks and a cow carcass. FWP set a trap but removed the trap after 5 days. FWP worked with landowners to contain attractants and removed the dead cow.

May 8, 2020


Evaro: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (MFWP) has set a trap for a bear getting into garbage. MFWP is working with the local business to contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. 

Graves/Petty Creek: A black bear has been getting into garbage and grease. MFWP is assisting the community in securing these attractants.

Photo courtesy of a Grant Creek resident

Grant Creek: A black bear has been seen near homes. Please bring in bird feeders and secure garbage. MFWP will continue to monitor this bear’s activity. Thank you to the Grant Creek resident who provided this photo. 

Rattlesnake: There are 3-4 black bears active in the Rattlesnake. Contain all attractants, bring in bird feeders and keep garage doors closed even when you are home. 


Blackfoot: A grizzly bear accessed an open shed for grain. MFWP is monitoring this bear’s activity and is working with the landowner on attractant containment. 

Seeley Lake: Black and grizzly bears are active in the Seeley Lake area. Please bring in bird feeders and contain attractants.