November 2016

November 29, 2016

Region-wide: Bears are heading to their dens but there continues to be some black bear and grizzly bear activity. Please contain all attractants. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is fielding reports of mountain lions near residences. Mountain lion activity should be anticipated where there are wintering deer and elk herds.


Rattlesnake: At least four bears remain active. Please contain all attractants.

Frenchtown: There was a report of a black bear still active in the Frenchtown area.


Blackfoot and Clearwater: Hunters have been reporting grizzly bear activity. A couple of deer and one elk were taken by grizzly bears during the season. Hunters reported a few incidents of seeing bears at close range. Please keep attractants secure and carry bear spray.

November 9, 2016


Region-wide: Reports of black bear activity are beginning to slow as bears head to their dens. Please continue to contain attractants as some bears remain active.

Rattlesnake: There have been multiple reports of black bears still up in the Rattlesnake neighborhoods including the Greenough Park area. Please continue to contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. Animal Control is continuing to issue warnings and citations to those that leave their garbage out and accessible to bears per the Missoula Ordinance.


Blackfoot: Hunters are continuing to see grizzly bear activity in the Blackfoot and Clearwater valleys. One hunter’s carcass was taken over by a grizzly bear. Be bear aware when out hunting. Know how to use and carry bear spray.


Region-wide: Residents continue to report mountain lion activity near residential areas. This is not unusual as mountain lions will follow the deer and elk into these areas this time of year. Please do not feed the deer, elk and wild turkeys. Feeding such wildlife can lure the animals that prey on them closer to homes.

Rattlesnake: A mountain lion was seen off the main Rattlesnake Trail.