September 2019

September 16, 2019


Rattlesnake: There have been several reports of black bear activity in the creek bottom and trail system between Pineview, Tom Green, and Greenough Parks. This includes a female with young, a large black bear, a large brown black bear, and a subadult black bear. Please be bear aware when recreating or traveling through this area. It is a good idea to carry bear spray and keep dogs close, ideally on a leash. Bears are very active in the area now that domestic fruit is ripe. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

East Missoula: FWP has received reports that there is a bear active in the Easy street area. Contain all garbage in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pickup and pick domestic fruit.

September 11, 2019

Region-wide: FWP Region 2 has generally seen a really good berry year. Bears continue to feed on plentiful berries, including hawthorn and high-elevation huckleberries. There can be an increase in the number of bears being hit by cars this time of year as bears feed on berries along roadsides, find road-killed deer, and travel to look for food before winter.


Swan/Clearwater Divide: A black bear was killed on the highway.

Potomac: FWP had a report that a black bear killed a goat. FWP is investigating this report and has not been able to verify the incident at this time.

Anaconda/Georgetown: The natural berries have not been as good in this part of Region 2. Multiple black bears have been getting into garbage.

Rattlesnake: Domestic fruit is ripe and bears are moving into residential areas to feed on domestic fruit. A large black bear has been seen in the neighborhood feeding on domestic fruit. This bear has also gotten into unsecured garbage. Animal Control is patrolling the area for violations of the garbage ordinance. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner and pick fruit.

Grant Creek: Residents have been seeing black bears feeding on domestic fruit and hawthorn berries.

Clinton: A black bear was getting into garbage and feeding on domestic fruit.

East Missoula: Residents have seen a black bear walking through residential areas on the river side of town. FWP responded to this activity and the bear fled across the highway. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner.

Lolo Creek: FWP removed a black bear that entered a tent while someone was in the tent.

Bitterroot: There have been multiple reports of black bears getting into garbage and other attractants. If you are interested in storing garbage in a bear-resistant container, please contact your local waste hauler to see what options are available. Ravalli police removed a black bear after it killed a goat and was getting into garbage. Two black bears were killed on the highway.

Ninemile: A black bear has been seen feeding on road-killed deer.

Evaro Hill: A black bear was killed on the highway.

St. Regis: A black bear was killed on the highway.


Aunt Molly Wildlife Management Area: FWP has received multiple reports of grizzly bear activity in the Wildlife Management Area. This includes multiple females with young. Be prepared and aware of your surroundings, carry bear spray, and know how to use it.

Blackfoot and Clearwater: Hunters, hikers, and ranchers are seeing grizzly bears throughout the Blackfoot and Clearwater drainages. A hunter encountered a grizzly bear that then approached him. The hunter shot at the bear but did not appear to hit the bear. FWP has found no evidence of a wounded bear. Please carry and know how to use bear spray. If you are interested in learning more about bear behavior, FWP recommends the video “Staying Safe in Bear Country – A Behavioral-Based Approach to Reducing Risk”. There are copies available for check out at the FWP Region 2 office. It is also available for purchase online.

Salmon Lake: A grizzly bear walked through a residential area. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner and bring in bird feeders. Do not leave garbage out and accessible to bears. Do not leave pet food outside.

Placid Lake: Residents have reported grizzly bear activity in the area.

Clearwater Junction area: A grizzly bear got into a chicken coop to eat the chicken feed. Black bears and grizzly bears have been feeding on apples in the area. Bear-resistant electric fencing can be a very effective solution for keeping bears out of chicken coops and other attractants.


Lower Miller Creek:  A mountain lion killed a fawn in a backyard in lower Miller Creek. FWP is monitoring mountain lion activity in the area.

Marshall Canyon/East Missoula: A mountain lion was seen crossing the highway.

Grant Creek: FWP received a report of a mountain lion that killed an alpaca. FWP is monitoring.

Butler Creek: A mountain lion was observed by a resident.

Lubrecht area: There have been multiple reports of mountain lion activity near Lubrecht.  


South Hills: FWP received a report of coyotes feeding on deer fawns in the area.