March 28, 2024


Grizzly and Black Bear: Bears are emerging from their dens. It is time to secure attractants at your property. Bring in bird feeders. Store garbage in a bear-resistant manner until the morning of pickup. Chicken coops can be effectively secured with a properly installed electric fence. Know how to use bear spray and carry it when out in bear country. Bears will continue to emerge from dens into April.

Mountain Lion: FWP has also continued to receive multiple reports of mountain lion activity in the valleys and near residences. This is likely due to light snow and deer being bit more spread out.


Grizzly Bear: FWP has received reports of grizzly bear tracks in the Blackfoot.


Mountain Lion: FWP hazed a mountain lion from under a porch in the Darby area.


Grizzly Bear: FWP verified that a subadult grizzly bear has been active in the area and attempted to get into a chicken coop. FWP is working with the landowner to secure the chickens with electric fence.


Black Bear: FWP captured and relocated a black bear that had a history of getting into garbage and walking the outside hallways of an apartment building.

March 5, 2024


There was black and grizzly bear activity until right before Christmas. FWP then had a couple reports in January of black bears up in East Missoula. On February 28th the first report came in of grizzly bear activity in the Ovando area and then a report of black bears active in the Rattlesnake, St. Ignatius, and the Big Hole. Everyone should start containing attractants, bring in bird feeders and please carry bear spray and know how to use it. Bears will continue to emerge from dens and by mid-April most should be up and about. FWP has also fielded multiple reports of mountain lion activity in Region 2.


Mountain Lion: Two subadult were frequenting areas close to homes and going up on porches. Later in the winter two mountain lions were shot and killed by a homeowner after chasing livestock in separate incidents.


Mountain Lion: A dog was injured by a mountain lion in the Lincoln area. FWP is monitoring.