July 20, 2023


Since about mid-June it has been a slow human-bear conflict year. This might be due to cool wet spring which led to plentiful green-up and natural foods and now the huckleberries and serviceberries look good. Chokecherries and hawthorn also look good but are not ripe yet. With the recent warm weather, there is concern that bear conflicts may increase, particularly if the berries start to drop. Please contain all attractants in a bear-resistant manner. Now is not the time to be complacent as late summer and fall are the highest times of the year for conflict.


Grizzly Bear: There have been a handful of reports of a grizzly bear in the area feeding on berries. FWP is still monitoring and trying to verify reports.

MISSOULA (hills to the north)

Grizzly Bear: A grizzly bear has been confirmed as active in the hills north of Missoula and there have been subsequent unverified reports. This grizzly has likely been in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area and the Marshall Mountain area. No conflicts have been reported with this bear.


Black Bear & Grizzly Bear: Multiple black bears and one grizzly bear have gotten into garbage in the area.